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Earth Goddess: Joni Mitchell

(Photo by Jack Robinson/Getty Images)

Many have tried and failed to imitate the great Joni Mitchell. Determined not to follow the crowd and wary of the crowds that declared her a leader, Joni is one of our favorite heroes.  

She managed to be simultaneously dreamy in her song lyrics while keeping a sharp eye on reality. The darling of the 70s had considerable disdain for her peers; intentionally missing Woodstock and mocking Bob Dylan’s childishness.

Always escaping and eluding the men that loved her, she refused to let her heart or creativity be controlled by anyone. She’s the musician who influenced so many, yet insists that she is actually a painter whose life was derailed.

Like so many aspects of her life, Joni’s sense of style seemed to be both a product of her time and mysteriously above it. Vogue described her look as “earth goddess.” With long straight hair, high cheekbones, long flowing dresses and bare feet, Joni has unintentionally caught the eye of many in the fashion world. A velvet turtleneck, a peasant blouse, and a berret are just a few of our favorite looks.

At 74 she is still rocking a laid back look, but a little more on the chic side. Just two years ago she was the star of Saint Laurent’s clothing campaign.

Her stubbornness and grace is a constant source of inspiration, and as the cold winter months roll on, we plan on keeping warm with a little help from Joni’s songs.

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