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Morningstar Commune

Here at Amano Studios we are often inspired by the history and landscape of Northern California. One of the necklaces in our Commune Collection was named after the Morningstar Commune, nestled in our very own Sonoma County hills. It’s taken on a kind of mythical status as one of the many communes that populated the state during the 1960’s.

The property belonged to Lou Gottlieb, a hippie and comic-musician-renegade intellectual. He declared it open land, free to all looking to live in harmony and escape from the world. The commune attracted flower children from all over the country making their way to the iconic Haight-Ashbury.

Ramon Sender, one of the first residents of Morningstar, said “Lou’s ranch seemed an ideal place to continue my sun yoga.” Amen to that!

From growing their own food to wearing natural fibers, the Morningstar crowd were the pioneers of DIY. Natural simplicity and taking joy in objects that could be created by hand spurred us at Amano Studio.  

Sonoma county is still a refuge for those in need of repose from city life (but there aren’t very many nudists to be found). We like to think that the jewelry in this collection could be worn by the freedom seekers of the sixties or by someone just looking for a weekend escape.

Sometimes, you just need to follow the advice of Joni Mitchell and get back the land to set your soul free.

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